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Things Influencing Me Right Now

August 26, 2014 · posted in Life, Lessons

You know how you always need to have someone ahead of you in life in order to continue to be a carnivorous learner? Well I do this in a number of ways. One of them is by surrounding myself with great people. For me personally, one of those people has been Will Mancini. He is a creator of lots of material for leaders and the author of the book Church Unique, which has had a profound impact on me. The book is pure meat and potatoes when it comes to all things leadership. The implications for individuals, organisms like Newbreak, and companies in the corporate sector are truly extensive. If you're in the middle of planting a church, starting a business, or a new project, Will's insight can help you steer the ship in the right direction.  

Another way I seek people "ahead of me" is by visiting blog sites. One of my favorite places to read content right now is the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture. Dr. Jim Denison and his team raise thought provoking questions like, "Should a church refuse to do a funeral for a gay man?" and "Why Turkey's election affects you." The goal with blogs sites like these for me is be "forced into considering another's careful thought." Lack of creativity and group think can be dangerous trapdoors as one journeys with Christ and His church. Blogs jar me out of my mental lethargy and can often cause a kind of billiard affect which far exceeds my expectations. So if your brain needs a little exercise, try making these types of reads a part of your daily learning habits.

Who are the people and what are the resources that keep people ahead of you when it comes to spiritual, emotional, financial, and familial health? Oh yeah... and then there's the often missed or neglected - physical health?